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Study on the Influence of Rotation Speed on Face-Gear Meshing Vibration
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Gear vibration signal contains all the information of gear meshing process; it could make a full, true and rapid response to the operating status of gear. By testing the vibration of different speeds of face-gear and analyzing the vibration signal from the extracted spectrum of harmonic amplitude, it was found that as the spindle rotation speed increases, the harmonic amplitude in each direction of the face-gear and spur gear was reduced. However, for the bevel gear meshing vibration testing, the adjusting vibration amplitudes in all directions were increasing. Therefore, the driven of face-gear is more suitable than the bevel gear for high speed transmission applications.
Keywords:Face-Gear; Meshing Performance; Spectrum Analysis; Harmonic Amplitude
Author: Guoqi He1, Hongzhi Yan2, Ying He3, Xingli Ren1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering Hunan University of Technology
2.School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Central South University
3.Department of Resources Engineering Hunan Vocational Institute of Technology
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