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A 28 GHz Linear Envelope Tracking-Power Amplifier for LMDS Applications
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This paper presents the design and simulation of an envelope tracking power amplifier (ET-PA) for 28 GHz LMDS applications. A linearization algorithm is also employed in digital domain in order to reduce the distortion of the system. Simulation shows that the proposed ET-PA delivers 19dBm output power with 21dB linear gain. Power added efficiency of this amplifier is more than 41% which shows about 15 percent efficiency enhancement compared to conventional LMDS PAs.
Keywords:envelope tracking; power amplifier; millimeter wave; LMDS; linearization; digital predistortion
Author: Parisa Momen Roodaki1, Fatemeh Taghian1, Abbas Mohammadi1, Abdolali Abdipour1
1.Microwave/mmw and Wireless Communications research Lab. Electrical Engineering dept.Amirkabir University of Technology Tehran, Iran
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