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Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Sri Bandyopadhyay(Australia)
An Algorithm for Optimal Load Dispatch in a Power System Incorporating Transmission Cost
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The paper describes an algorithm for assigning transmission cost to generator(s) and load(s) based on sensitivity relation between line power flow and power generation from generating stations and loads. It allows formulation of cost function for generating station containing cost co-efficient representing transmission line power flow assigned to generating stations. As a result, solution of co-ordination equation for determining optimum generation scheduling involves transmission cost pertaining to the generating station. This ensures better co-ordination of transmission cost in optimal generation scheduling and reduction in transmission cost. Further, it allows assigning of transmission cost to the loads that are drawing power through the line.
Keywords:Power System Planning, Optimal Load Dispatch, Sensitivity Factor, Transmission Cost
Author: D. Hazarika1
1.Assam Engineering College, Guwahati-78013, India
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