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Performance Analysis of The Simple Low Cost Buck-Boost Ac-Ac Converter
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A simple voltage converter based on LC network is capable of bucking and boosting the voltage level of input supply without any phase difference. The number of reactive components and switches used in the circuit is minimum. The paper presents the working principle and elaborates performance evaluation of this converter in different operating conditions. High speed IGBTs are used as bi-directional switch of the ac-ac converter and it is able to deliver smooth variable output voltage across the load without using any additional filter. The optimise use of the LC network helps to make the circuit simple, small size and cost-effective. The effects of L and C were studied separately and the quality of the output was examined with total harmonic distortion. The effect of switching frequency over the performance is also presented. The converter operation was verified with suitable experimental support.
Keywords:Ac-ac Converter; Z-Source Converter; Buck-Boost; Llow Cost
Author: Santosh Sonar1, T. Maity2, T. Maity2
1.Indian School Of Mines,Dhanbad,India
2.Department of Electrical Engineering Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad 826004, India.
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