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Optimization Design of Subsea Christmas Tree Pipeline
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Subsea Christmas tree is one of the most important equipments in the subsea production system. The easily damaged pipelines should have stress analysis according to the standards. In this paper, authors establish pipeline optimization design model under the conditions of water depth and temperature, and then use ABAQUS software for finite element calculation of stress. By comparing with the different kinds of design results, the best one for the Christmas tree pipeline design is chosen. Results shows that the use of optimization design method can reduce cost.
Keywords:Christmas tree, pipeline, optimization design, constrained optimization ,finite element calculationzhanfeng.
Author: Yongtian Kang1, Menglan Duan1, Baoyan Chen1
1.China University of Petroleum (Beijing) offshore Oil and Gas Research Center;No.18, fuxue Road, changping,Beijing,China
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