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Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Sri Bandyopadhyay(Australia)
Smart Grid Ready Concept as an Enabler for Demand Response and Distributed Generation
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The need for advanced technological solutions in the energy sector has become more important during the past few years. Many players are hoping that smart grids will revolutionize the energy sector and bring significant benefits to energy companies and customers. There is also a belief that smart energy infrastructure will support demand response solutions and rollout of distributed generation. All these will lead to increase of energy efficiency and will support achievement of 3x20 goals defined by European Union. The key for the success is the mitigation or regulatory, technology and social risks. The Smart Grid Ready concept structures smart metering investments so that the final solutions are resistant to technological, regulatory and customer acceptance uncertainties. It is also a concept enabling emergence of demand response services and supporting investment in distributed generation assets. This paper presents a concept for shaping investments in advanced metering infrastructure to ease implementation of more advanced smart grid solutions.
Keywords:Global Production, Intelligence Operator, Advanced TPS, V-MICS-VM, Visual Manual, Toyota
Author: Mariusz Przybylik1, Krzysztof Jedziniak1, Tomasz Lubicki2, Robert Masiag2
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