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An X-ray Diffraction and Small Angle X-ray Scattering Study of Solvated Li-Graphite Intercalation Compounds
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Stage I C6Li and stage II C12Li were prepared using a low temperature liquid lithium route. Small angle X-ray scattering measurements of both pristine binary compounds indicated that the surfaces are highly dissected. As a result using a mixed layered graphite precursor containing pregraphitic, chemically distinct lamellar domains, both C6Li and C12Li produced an additional suite of ternary structures after successive intercalation with Li and THF. The use of a THF– Li–graphite ternary compound to entrap LiBH4 for hydride storage is explored.
Keywords:X-ray diffraction, X-ray scattering, intercalation, lithium.
Author: Mark J. Henderson1, John W. White1
1.Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University,
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