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Attack Doge Roblox Joke Battles Wikia Fandom Powered. The dog owner gives you 2 husky companions to keep at your side when in combat The dog owner isn’t completely defenseless as it has weapons of it’s own but it does rely on the companions for supplies damage etc A gamepass named “Extra Dog” is available for this kit Health 100 Treat Damage 3 Dog Bowl Damage 6 8 Dog Health 90 Dog Damage 7 Dog.

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Home Welcome to the Tower Battles wiki where we collect information about the popular ROBLOX game Tower Battles Make sure you read the Rules before editing and help our community grow! We currently have 69729 edits since 8/19/2017! Tower Battles is a Tower Defense game where Zombies attempt to walk through a path on Maps from an entrance to.

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RhineXLV also known as Rhinechi or simply Rhine is a secret character and is based off of player rhine45 HE is literally the strongest character both lore and game play wise He is an intern for the Trumpet Gang and is extremely childish and intolerable he possesses less power than the average member but still poses a significant threat to the player Rhinechi’s statistics are.

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The Doge series is a series of hats created by Roblox that were inspired by the internet meme of the same name Doge The descriptions of every Doge hat follow a specific format typically along the lines of “Very ___ Much ___ So ___ Wow” This is similar to the text seen in Doge memes Bunny Doge Zombie Doge and Uncle Doge are the only three LimitedU hats to have 500 copies.

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Doge Aggro is a yellow deck revolving around the use of Shamrock Doge or Uncle Doge followed up by either Abraham Doge or Captain Doge or other buff cardsThis combo lets you summon many Doges each turn then buffing them to high stats before slamming them into your opponent Another addition to the deck is animallogic who buffs doges easily with its OnAttack effect.

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The Attack Doge is a purchasable gear in the ROBLOX catalog When one uses it it will follow the player around and attack anybody who comes near it Tier At least 7C possibly 4A Name Attack Doge Origin ROBLOX Gender Unknown can be either Age Unknown Classification Summon Gear Doge Powers and Abilities Can attack robloxians can also make various.