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Those Times I Ve Been Moderated Wiki Roblox Amino from

Got a warning for this item of clothing why? oskar_grande (oskar_grande) October 23 2020 1136pm #1 Here is a piece of clothing I uploaded to the Roblox catalog lawfulban 585×559 11 KB This was named “lawfulban commission” It was a commission for a user named “LawfulBan” they asked for a shirt with their ign on it.

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Roblox t shirt Promo Codes February 2022 While there are plenty of options above there are also even more free clothes and items available to claim To do this simply follow these steps Head to the Avatar Shop In the search bar type in ‘ free ‘ and press ‘ Enter ‘ Next to the search bar select ‘ Featured ‘ from the list.

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Yes inappropriate outfits will get you in trouble regardless of whether it’s a bad hat combo or a bypassed shirt or whatever You’re spreading that content by having it on your avatar so you’re responsible for players seeing that content which they wouldn’t see if you simply reported the bypassed shirt and moved on 4.

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OverviewBan levelsReasonsThe Ban Hammer is often referenced in metaphors for being banned from Roblox although it does not ban people A ban is a form of account suspension that can occur when a player violates the Terms of Use or Community Standards on Roblox Players are typically given warnings on their first few offenses and the number of warnings a user can obtain before getting an actual b Text under.

Those Times I Ve Been Moderated Wiki Roblox Amino

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Got a warning for this item of clothing why Roblox

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Clothing TShirts Shirts and Pants Roblox offers a multitude of ways to customize your avatars One of these ways is by showing your personality with many of the different items offered in the Catalog While there are thousands of choices available you can go even further with this customization by making your very own!.