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How Do I Make A Billboard Gui Only Visible To Some People Scripting Helpers billboard gui roblox
How Do I Make A Billboard Gui Only Visible To Some People Scripting Helpers from

This is a tutorial on how to make a BillBoard GUI that contains the player’s name and rank in a specific group.

New roblox update seems to have messed with Billboard Guis

If we’re talking locally (Only the player can see) you could probably do something like this in 1 of the local properties?Maybe in StarterCharacterScripts local Player = gamePlayersLocalPlayer local Character = PlayerCharacter or PlayerCharacterAddedWait() You could put in some parameters if you want to check if a player has a correct requirementJan 24 2022Apr 21 2021Mar 11 2020Dec 07 2019.

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BillboardGui.MaxDistance Roblox

BillboardGui on the Roblox Developer Hub BillboardGui in the Roblox API Reference A GUI that adorns an object in the 3D world Add Frames/Labels/Buttons to this object to have them rendered while attached to a 3D object.

How Do I Make A Billboard Gui Only Visible To Some People Scripting Helpers

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Description The MaxDistance property of a BillboardGui sets how far away in studs that billboard can be from the camera and still be drawn If the camera and billboard are moved further apart than the maximum distance then the billboard will not be visible regardless of any other properties of the billboard or any GUI objects it contains.