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Chaos Arena X Roblox. Arena X is a open world RPG game on roblox made by Scrumptious studio and foxy_plays24x which is directed by Roblox devolper Beastakip It was once a Pokemon game but after roblox deleted many of the Pokemon games it was reborn as Arena X A remade version of this wikia Community content is available under CCBYSA unless otherwise noted.

Exos Heroes Best Characters Tier List Exos Heroes chaos arena x roblox
Exos Heroes Best Characters Tier List Exos Heroes from

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Codes are a feature in Arena X that provide bonuses and prizes such as Cases Beasts and Skins Codes are redeemable in the bottom of the Inventory Menu Codes are casesensitive Feel free to add codes that aren’t here Enter codes twice if it says “Invalid!” Sometimes some codes still work despite being expired r53453654.

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Exos Heroes Best Characters Tier List Exos Heroes

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