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Community Henrydev Treasure Hunt Simulator Roblox Wikia Fandom. HenryDev is a Roblox developer most known for his multitude of projects including Treasure Hunt Simulator and Saber Simulator This is a sandbox tycoon made by the BWT development group It is owned by FierceByte but HenryDev is a high.

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Welcome to the Roblox Treasure Hunt Simulator Wiki! Christmas Event removed More updates coming soon! Welcome to Treasure Hunt Simulator (THS)! Dig your way through the dig site looking for buried treasure! Once you find some use your coins to upgrade your shovel backpack pets and more! Join “Treasure Hunt Simulator Fans” group for “Fan” tag and +10% extra money.

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HenryDev tells us he got inspired to start developing on Roblox back in 2008 after he realized he could build and code his own games on the platformHe came up with the idea for Treasure Hunt Simulator after he saw the recent explosion of simulator games on Roblox and thought he could fill a niche that the genre was missingAmazingly he was able to create the.

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Digging Into Treasure Hunt Simulator May 14 2018 by OldBaronMondo Community Treasure Hunt Simulator never explains why there’s so much gold buried on its tropical beach but there’s a reason the developer HenryDev didn’t call it “Figure Out Why This Treasure is Here Simulator” When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.

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Staff What they do? Henry is the creator of the game ( The HenryDev here is impersonating the original don’t trust him ) Mirrors is a builder for the game Tex moderates the moderators game and discord server Master moderates the moderators game and discord server He also is the go to guy for bot support within the discord.

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Its one of the millions of unique user generated 3d experiences created on roblox Roblox Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes Videos 9tubetv Subscribe to my channel so that you can be part of the community tab and access more helpful information Playful Red Dino Roblox Wikia Fandom Powered By Wikia Minggu 17 Mei 2020.