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Data Saving Roblox. In this video I will show you how to save player from one session to the next in Roblox Studio! This is an important feature of Roblox games which encourages.

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data saving script does not save the value when i change the value using [PLAYERNAME]leaderstatsCashValue = 2000 it will save the old value of 500 The intvalue under players> [playername]>leaderstats>Cash changes to 2000 edit after more testing i can say that the saving part of the script does not read the int value of the player.

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Saving Data Create a variable named playerUserID for the data store key Then use playerGold to store a player’s starting gold local DataStoreService = gameGetService(“DataStoreService”) local goldStore = DataStoreServiceGetDataStore(“PlayerGold”) Data store key.

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View Roblox‘s article on Datastores for more information (By Kitrank Vopafal ) In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to use data stores to save values for your game Firstly insert a Script inside ServerScriptService Then insert the following line local DSS = gameGetService(“DataStoreService”).

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Setting the Data Store Download Article Configure the API This does not involve any bit ofUsing Data Store Methods Download Article GetAsync Use GetAsync to return the value ofData Store Events and Updating Data Download Article Set a unique key It is extremely vital.

How Much Mobile Data Does Roblox Use Quora

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Data saving is a very prominent topic and use case for games all across Roblox so it’s important to address best practices when it comes to saving data This ensures that both developers and players have the peace of mind that they will be able to come back to little issues regarding data.