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Denis Videos Roblox. Denis is the leader of The Pals and the second main protagonist of the show Denis and Me In the Denis and Me cartoon he’s voiced by his real life counterpart Denis wears a shirt that says “I love cats” on it with cat images He also has brown hair black eyes gray pants and white shoes along with his pet “Sir Meows A Lot” on his shoulder Denis hasn’t really done a lot in Denis and Me as.

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New episodes of my cartoon show ‘Denis and Me’ out on YouTube every Saturday!Missing robloxMust include.

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Denis Kopotun also known as Denis Daily or just Denis is a character in The Pals videos He is a character version of the real life Denis and acts as such In videos whenever his character he appears it either appears alongside the other Pals or new characters like Shmack Shmauck Shmadoodle or others.

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