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Dynablocks Roblox Logo Evolution. Welcome to Dynablocks Basics! I got the idea to make this mod after playing some roblox games about Dynablocks If you don’t know roblox in 2004 was originally called Dynablocks before it got changed I hope you enjoy playing this mod! It has some new stuff Also this mod takes place in 2004 Story Your friend went on the old Dynablocks.

Evolution Of Roblox Logos dynablocks roblox logo evolution
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First Roblox came out with its beta version in 2004 which was initially called DynaBlocks Then a year later it was changed to Roblox and this is how the logo used to look like It was simple colorful and almost looked like Google’s logo Then during 2004 – 2005 the Roblox logo got a massive transformation.

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Roblox logo evolution 20022003 20032004 In 2003 the program was renamed ‘DynaBlocks Beta’ Each letter of the logo was colored differently The last word yields in size to the key one 2004 The first truly Roblox text came into existence in 2004 Here again ‘beta’ plays the role only of a little additional icon the multi.

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Evolution of roblox logo *all of these logos are real (confirmed by logopedia)*#interactivephysics#goblox#goblocks#dinablocks#roblox ( 2009 ) roblox ( 2014 ) evolution of roblox all games in the evolution 1 dynablocks prototype 2003 2 dynablocks beta 2004 3 dynablocks alpha this video showcases how roblox has changed and been updated.

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Roblox‘s predecessor was known as Interactive Physics which was founded by Knowledge Revolution in 1989 This is the Windows variant of the logo This is the Mac variant of the logo DynaBlocks December 2003January 2004 DynaBlocks was a planned name for Roblox along with GoBlocks which began consideration on December 12th 2003.

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