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Frontier Muskets Broken Roblox. Email Roblox support I once reported broken skateboards and they were really quick to respond (after multiple emails sent back and forth and a YouTube video sent to them they told me they didn’t know how to recreate the issue and couldn’t fix it But then like a week later it was fixed anyway so shrug) 1 Share.

Conqueror S Blade Guide For New Players frontier muskets broken roblox
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DesignUsageBayonetPros & Cons​TriviaThe musket used by all teams is based strongly on the British Long Land Pattern Brown Bess and is equipped with a bayonet.

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Brief Description for reference I’ve been working on a game with my friend its eventually going to become a game based off the film Tron in R15 its very fun to explain but its not relevant with the issue at hand I have been using TeleportService to send people to different places within the game itself Currently the game has 10 places 1 teleportation hub 6 games.

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Hey everyone! I’m currently working on a musket (R15) and am now on the wondrous part of animations I’m currently struggling with the reloading animation and am wondering if the current system if the best way possible Before we start I think it’s important to note that the musket is welded to the LeftHand (via Motor6D) and that the ramrod is also.

Conqueror S Blade Guide For New Players

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The Charleville Musket is a primary weapon consisting of a wooden stock and long barrel It is purchasable from Gilicrest’s General Store and Sylverster’s Carriage for 45 pounds and is included in the Mercenary Gamepass It deals 70 damage on hit which is the highest damage per bullet of any weapon However it has a limited range of around 150 studs which is only higher than the.