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How To Be A Clown In Roblox. G0Z is shown in this video to be as he is dressed a clown doctor that while he has an interest in being a medical professional he is a clown that likes to crack jokes while being creepy and unsettling [July 5 2018] In this video Albert is given a tour of.

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Clown is the only Neutral Team role which is also one of the 14 roles in Flicker which appear in Anonymous Mode and Regular Mode The Clown‘s goal is to get voted out not killed Once the Clown gets voted out they can drag someone down with them Trick people to making them think you are evil to get voted out Don’t blatantly tell people to vote you because they will start to.

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To become a clown in BitLife you must find the job underneath the job section in the occupation tab Under the occupation tab you will want to click jobs and then search the listing label as clown or some variation of clown It would also be ideal to only do this after you graduated as the option for fulltime jobs will not unlock until you do so.

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Roblox fans have recently begun rediscovering a strange video of a creepy clown that players can find when entering a command on some servers A strange aspect of the Indie space is that a lack of.

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In a bizarre easter egg Roblox has an incredibly creepy clown video hidden in the game’s files The discovery was shared in a new video from oddheader on YouTube which featured some of the more.

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