How To Get Unbaned For Mano County Roblox

How To Get Unbaned For Mano County Roblox. This is the official Discord for the Police Roleplay Community and Emergency Response Liberty County on Roblox! | 168288 members.

How To Play The Traning Game In Roblox Mano County Robux how to get unbaned for mano county roblox
How To Play The Traning Game In Roblox Mano County Robux from

You can’t get unbanned Make a new account Make a new account buddy It’s the only way Actually that’s not a the only way to get unbanned in fact it isn’t even a way to get unbanned at all I asked how to get unbanned not if I should make a new account ) A community for Roblox the free game building platform.

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this is my script for ban Code function onSay (cid words param) local t = stringexplode (stringlower (param) “”) if not t [1] then doPlayerSendTextMessage (cid MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE “Command requires param”) return true end local player = getPlayerByNameWildcard (t [1]) if (not player)then doPlayerSendTextMessage (cid.

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Earn this Badge in [Classic] Mano County Police Patrol Welcome to Mano County! Type Badge Updated May 06 2020 Description Welcome to Mano County! Read More.

How To Play The Traning Game In Roblox Mano County Robux

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Follow ROBLOX Terms Of Service At All Times • 1 Month Ban ———End Of Rules——— Mano County Has The Right To Remove A Rule Add A Rule And Configure A Rule Warning if you get 40 infractions within 7 days you get a tempban for 5 days Thank You For Reading The Mano County Rules Please Keep These Rules In Mind At All TimesDec 15 2020Oct 22 2019Jun 29 2019.