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How To Make A Clickable Gui Roblox. First you need to create a new ScreenGUI and then you need to create a Frame within it You can add these by right clicking and going under insert basic object Then you can add widgets like text and buttons the same way under your Frame Edit their properties to change their location size color and text values.

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I made a clickable object that changes your leaderboard stat by one but can’t be clicked again by that player The problem is only one person can click it and it is made unclickable for everyone afterwards What direction should I go to learn how to make it clickable by every player.

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According the the Roblox developer website you can create a button by right clicking in the Explorer window and clicking the button you wantThere are two types of buttons as described on the website Text Button A TextButton is very similar to a TextLabel except that a player can activate it with a click Internally it also shares many of the same visual properties.

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How do you make a clickable button on Roblox? Creating a Button In the Explorer window hover over the StarterGui object click on the circle button and insert a ScreenGui object.