How To Make An Obby On Roblox 2021

How To Make An Obby On Roblox 2021. Simply the obby is a Roblox staple! More specifically an obby is an obstacle course game built within Roblox that can take the form of elaborate mazes tall towers and other engaging environments An obby is fun to play but even more fun to make! Learn more about how to make an obby in Roblox.

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Create a new SpawnLocation Rename the SpawnLocation SpawnLocation2 Check AllowTeamChangeOnTouch Now whenever somebody touches the SpawnLocation they’ll join the matching team color Uncheck Neutral Pick a new TeamColor Setup the Team Object Create a new Team Object (rightclick Teams > Insert Object > Team).

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You can start making your first stages now Lava bricks Lava bricks are an iconic part of obbies it’s hard to find an obby that doesn’t have them Lava bricks should be neon and red to let the player know not to touch them Lava bricks are pretty simple so I won’t be explaining much about how they work Time to get scriptingJan 27 2022Oct 03 2021Mar 30 2021Mar 12 2021.

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The Really Easy Obby Don’t let the name fool you — this obby is not actually the easiestEscape Waterpark Obby Navigating a theme park in real life can be a horrible experienceObstacle Paradise The thing that sets this obby apart is its different take on the obby genreEscape McDonald’s Obby Is it bad that we love this obstacle course due to the giant clownMega Fun Obby Now this is one of the more traditional obbys on this list but what earns itsEscape Santa’s Workshop Obby We love a good role reversal and having this obby put you inTower of Hell It’s a pretty intimidating name we know but that doesn’t mean you can’t haveWipeout Obby For those of us who have always wanted to take on the obstacle courses inEscape the Bathroom Obby An obby with a humorous theme is something that really clicksCool Parkour Obby 550 With over 550 stages this obby course will get progressively more.

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How To Make A Working OBBY in ROBLOX (2021) Make sure to save your work )Kill Brick Script scriptParentTouchedConnect(function(Hit) if HitParentFindFi.

This Roblox Obby Gives Robux In 2021 Youtube

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Obby By @Chukles82 Earn this Badge in Epic Egg Hunt 2021 You collected all the obby eggs! Type Badge.