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Is Roblox A Good Investment Reddit. In conclusion Roblox (RBLX) is a solid long term investment from my perspective and has good fundamentals I am also researching the value of Roblox’s experiences longterm and the increase of the creation of more quality engaging content on the platform which Roblox believes translates into more DAUs.

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This is considered to be a good technical signal Some negative signals were issued as well and these may have some influence on the near shortterm development The Roblox Corporation stock holds a buy signal from the shortterm moving average at the same time however the longterm average holds a general sell signal Since the longterm average is.

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Roblox is a great investment IMO but I say this as someone who’s played it for years and knows their business model and outlook fairly well But pick your wife and kid’s brains about the game and maybe play it yourself first before making any decisions Some things to note thoughIt’s less of a game and more of a game engine AND publishing platform.

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Looking at the strong growth in online gaming and Roblox’s strong position in the industry it looks like a good investment Source Roblox Facebook Article continues below advertisement.

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Is It a Good Investment? In assessing the value of Roblox for investing it’s important to assess past performance and future value Past Performance While Roblox has seen its value grow during its first four months as a publicly traded company there isn’t enough data yet to make an informed decision.

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Roblox Growth Valuation Roblox’s first quarterly results as a publicly listed company were surprisingly good so good in fact that RBLX share price jumped 20% – from $64 to $77 – the day that the results were announced The company missed on its EPS expectations but this was the only negative thing to come out of it.