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Jackcult The Cult Family Roblox Fanart. ROBLOX‘S MYTHS Home Contact The Cult Family The myth began when the account “SmithCult” was created The account was created by a grown man who had recently been released from a mental hospital for murder after 12 years It was meant to be a member of the group “The Smiths” owned by Stickmasterluke at the time Basically just a group made up.

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OverviewBiographyHistory“Friend not foe” ― JackCult JackCult is a canon member of the Cult Family introduced in 2018 known for his appearances on Flamingo’s channel and relationship with EmmettCult Text under.

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OverviewDescriptionHistory”We introduce chaos into the impurity that is humanity One must find their mask in order to truly step into their new identity We are the awoken the faithful the family” ― Description of The Cult Family The Cult Family is one of the most wellknown groups of myths on Roblox tracing its origins back to June of 2012 They have heavy religious influence being members of an unkno Text under.

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