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Legend Weapons Roblox Arcane. Magic Weapons made of are able to channel and store magic energy Since these weapons conduct Magic damage calculation factors in Magic Level and Magic Damage along with Strength Level for melee weapons as long as the user has a sufficient amount of magic energy Magic weapons are composed of a type of metal alloy known as Arcanium is the reason Magic Weapons are able to conduct Magic through them.

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Weapons Each class uses a unique weapon for combat The warrior class uses bulwarks guards targes aegises pavises walls elytras guardians defenders sentinels wards circles towers mace barriers hammer reflectors hammer shields armaments glaives cleavers saws runeaxes trollbanes axes waraxes broadswords sabers warblades steels edges meatmakers mandibles swords cutters blades hatchets judicators slicers grinders hackers gutters feroxs hammers choppers.

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More legendary weapons on Arcane Legacy More legendary weapons Muramasa(Long katana with a purple energy coming off of it can do long ranged attacks with it&#39s energy dealing more damage the closer it is to the blade) Light Scepter(A counterpart to the scepter Marua has.

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OverviewAppearanceTips“This item is exclusive to players who obtained Legendary Weapons before April 2020” –Item Description Legend&#39s Resolve is a legendary rarity hat It was given out to all players who had owned legendary weapons prior to April 2020 In appearance Legend&#39s Resolve is a crown worn on the player&#39s head It is an entirely golden crown that is adorned with green diamond shaped jewels on each pentagon shaped “spike” which rises from the crown ring Each spike has a small diamond shaped ornament that extends from it at the tip It gives off green sparkling particle effects For a level 1+ item Legend&#39s Resolve is a toptier high level hybrid hat Possessing the highest base defense and base out of all hats from levels 1300 A viable alternative is the level 300+ Crown of Kings at 50 magic damage and 255 defense.

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