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Resurrection Script Roblox. Nice cool console script here with some epic OP commands you can use Subscribe & turn on notifications for more daily scriptsGet the script herehttps//ro.

Resurrection Kill All Zombies Robloxscripts Com resurrection script roblox
Resurrection Kill All Zombies Robloxscripts Com from Resurrection KILL ALL ZOMBIES …

/e Motus (fling spell or carry a body) Ligma Balls /e Phasmatos Morsinus pyrox allum (mass pain infliction spell) /e Phasmatos Incendia Circulum (fire circle trap spell) /e Phasmatos tribum vectus incendias malos (disable vampire ring) /e Phasmatos Tribum Valls Partum Circulum (creates new vampire ring) /e Phasmatos tribum incendiamos mota (enable vampire ring) /e.

Death and resurrection : roblox

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Resurrection Kill All Zombies Robloxscripts Com

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