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Roblox Canvas Surfacegui Size. Set “SizingMode” property to “FixedSize” Pixels per stud is a new feature.

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The size of a &#39virtual screen&#39 in &#39virtual pixels&#39 which makes SurfaceGuis pixeltopixel compatible with ScreenGuis.

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Roblox resizes all images to 256×256 With SurfaceGui you can have them on a single part and change the canvas size at will.

Roblox: SurfaceGUI does not have CanvasSize property

FIND THE SURFACE GUI ABSOLUTE SIZE IN PROPERTIES What I Did was change the canvas size then the text got Much bigger.

Why is Text so small on SurfaceGui? Scripting Helpers

Depending on the size of the part and the size of the GUI uses can vary SurfaceGUIs have a property called CanvasSize which determines .

Put A Gui On That Surface Roblox Blog

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I will show you how to use SurfaceGuis properly and make them as high quality as possible We talk about surface faces canvas size .