Roblox Censoring Random Words

Roblox Censoring Random Words. ROBLOX has a terrible filter Its becoming better at tagging words that aren&#39t even supposed to be censored While the word “Hell” is not .

Drake Hotline Bling Meme Imgflip roblox censoring random words
Drake Hotline Bling Meme Imgflip from

pretty dumb how we can&#39t say this on roblox anymore (☆ Twitter http//twittercom/iSoToxicYT.

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Are there any other censored age groups afterwards my current age group? What other words or phrases are censored in Roblox for different age .

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Read Roblox reviews from parents on Common Sense Media private info with random players not that roblox&#39s smart censoring systems even allow them to.

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Many links like discordgg invites robloxcom links and other links are often filtered The reason this censor is here is to stop Advertising malicious links .

Drake Hotline Bling Meme Imgflip

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Right now for some reason chat is censoring things like “you are dumb” Also it seems that having one “blacklisted” word can make your .