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The Classic ROBLOX Fedora 1029025 JJ5x5’s White Top Hat 1073690 Blue Top Hat 1016145591 Sinister Branches 71484026 Chill Cap 321570512 Holiday Crown 139152472 Subarctic Commando 39247441 Doge 151784320 Pirate Captain’s Hat 1028859 Silver King of the Night 439945661 Wanwood Branches 489168523 White Ninja Headband of the.

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Raeglyn’s Winged Blindfold of Justice is a face accessory created by Roblox on March 28 2014 Appearance The main colors of the accessory are gold and white The “blindfold” is gold and blocks the eyes of the user that is wearing it At the ends of the blindfold there are matching symboles of the sun.