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Start the game with a door that only allows specific players in You would have to create a whitelist system local players = gameGetService (“Players”) local whitelist = {} put userids here local function added (plr) if plrUserId == gameCreatorId then return end if tablefind (whitelist plrUserId) then return end plrKick (“Blacklisted Nov 29 2021May 04 2020May 17 2019Nov 13 2017.

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5 Join a group There are a few groups on Roblox that allow you to socialize and make friends usually through a Discord server or Roblox hangout of some sort Although its fairly difficult to find a group that is active and you fit in with if you do then it will be a very good way to meet new peopleMissing doorMust include.

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Step Five Control the car This is the most difficult part of this car as it can be glitchy if you don’t time it correctly To make the car move forward or backward you must ignite the Observer To make it stop moving ignite the Observer again With this method the Observer repeatedly detects a change and sends out a temporary signal to.

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To get a friend either have someone send a friend request or you can send one to them by going to their page and selecting Send Friend Request You can also send someone a friend request by going on the ingame menu (press esc) and searching for their name sending them aMissing doorMust include.

How To Make Walkthrough Bricks On Roblox 6 Steps Instructables


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Create a barrier around your area using 4 bricks one in the back one in the left one in the right and one in the top DO NOT make a front yet Make sure that you anchorMake a brick in the front and set the transparency to 9 or to your preference to let people see inside and witness how awesome it is and want to buy your shirtIn the script erase everything there [print ‘Hello World!’] then paste this in print (“VIP TShirt Door Script Loaded”) list of account names allowed to go through the door.