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Roblox Small Head Character. How to Make Your Character Small in Roblox Jessie Richardson Read more April 14 2020 Roblox is a game within a game within a game where you.

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Certain Head Shapes are Tiny When Worn by the Character

As the title implies wearing certain head shapes causes the character’s head to become really tiny This is reflected both in the avatar editor and ingame Website screenshot Ingame screenshot I’ve confirmed that this occurs when wearing either the Cheeks or Narrow head while using the R15 body I’m unsure if this occurs with any other head shapes.

How TO Get A Tiny Head In Roblox YouTube

If you are using R6 it’s not quite as easy you’ll need to resize the parts manually and probably rerig the character to make it possible I don’t have any experience here so you’ll need some other feedback if you’re using R6 models Edit Very tiny R15 character using these properties on Roblox’s Dungeon Map.

What’s the smallest head in Roblox? – Gaming Section

Blazeburner By Roblox Price 250 She’s small in size but packs a punch that’s about 10000 volts Type Bundle Description She’s small in size but packs a punch that’s about 10000 volts.

Big Head Stickers Redbubble

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