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Roblox Tool Animation. My Roblox animation isn’t playing when I click Here is the script I’ve used to make it do so local Tool = scriptParent local Animation = ToolAnimation ToolActivatedConnect (function () local Character = ToolParent local Humanoid = CharacterHumanoid local AnimationTrack = HumanoidLoadAnimation (Animation) AnimationTrackPlay () end) The.

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Hi guys in this tutorial you’re going to learn how can you animate with a tool Comment down below what should I do for another tutorial thx for watching an.

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The Activated event fires when the player clicks while a Tool is equipped This function is used to perform an action when the player uses the tool For instance when the player clicks while a Rocket Launcher tool is equipped the activated event executes the code to create and launch a rocket The below code when placed in a LocalScript would create a tool in the.

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Bubbly Animation Package By Roblox Bubbly Run Price 250 This animation pack only works with R15 avatars Bouncy and bubbly I’m on top of the world! Type Bundle.

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Paste it into gameStarterPlayerStarterCharacterScripts 3)Change run/idle animations id 4)Disable script 5)Create a script that will enable new animate and disable default script Thanks! Actually I figured it out I put a HumanoidRunning inside ToolEquippped inside Running if tool is held if not running and Speed > 0 stop idle and play.

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Then I insert a universal weld script into the whole tool and resize the transparent sword so that it matches closely to the sword I built If you want to change the animations you can easily do so with the configurations in the sword It is similar to the first part of this godawful video Hopefully that all made sense.