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Roblox Touch Script. This is a tutorial on the ROBLOX touch event There are two of these this is the basic one the more advanced one is hereIf you would like a specific onTouc.

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Sort by best level 1 3 yr ago So I haven’t tried this because I’m kinda lazy but this might work Note Put this code in a script inside of the part that the player touches local function onTouch (hit) hitParentParentTorsoAnchored = true scriptParentTouchedconnect (onTouch) Just copy the script and paste it into the script.

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In this article let’s discuss about Roblox on touch scriptLet’s go through the following methods without any delay ???? Method 1 scriptParentTouchedConnect(function(player) local part = scriptParent partCFrame = partCFrame + Vector3new(0 8 0) playerleaderstatsPowerValue = playerleaderstatsPowerValue + 4 wait(120) partCFrame = partCFrame + Vector3new(0 8 0).

Help Me On This Event Script Scripting Support Devforum Roblox

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