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Scp House Roblox. The GameCube is a rare collectible found in scp3008 roblox Where a gamecube spawns Before Update 26 the GameCube could only ever be found in the Living Room (GameCube) area which had a weight of 20 to spawn A gamecube In the 26 update the Gameroom plot had a weight of 2 making it the rarest plot in the game Like the Living Room (GameCube) area it would only.

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Chocolate is the hardest item to obtain in SCP3008 due to it’s high scarcity and the very rigorous path you must take reach it.

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The Map Layout of SCP3008 is organized in a grid of 7×7 towers each one with small plots around them The map shown on the right shows the layout of a default map the light squares represent plots and the black squares represent pillars The pillar names and numbers when unchanged range from A1 to G7 Most pillars (36 of them) will have an area of 8 plots by 8.


How to Find a Floating House and the Secret Chocolate Bar

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