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What Is The Exotic Rarity Chart Assassin Roblox. Knives are an important part of Assassin being one of the main items in the game Players can collect knives the different rarities being Common Rare Legendary Exotic Mythic and Dream There are many different knife skins throughout the game with many ranging from different rarities Rarity is the value of a knife skin determining how rare it is If you have a knife do not.

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14 Exotic (s) 15 Rainbow Knife [Legendary] 16 Unicorn [Exotic] 17 MLG [Legendary & Not Obtainable Anymore] 18 Rainbow Seer [Mythic] 19 Ice Ancient [Mythic] 110 Freezendo [Mythic] 111 Dark Horse [Mythic] 112.

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Assassin is a game on Roblox Click the link down below for the information about the values Assassin value list link What are Values? Well Values are how many exotics a knife is worth Like a Exotic could either be worth 2 Legendarys (Unlikely) Or 420 Exotics Theres a Base Rating System Set in place with the fallowing stuff being used to base off of.

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What’s the rarest knife in assassin? But this is the hardest one the top 10 If you make it to the top 10 you get this extremely rare hard to find and untradable knife in Assassin and it’s called the Champion Blade mythic knife for the older seasons but in the newer one they’ve been changed into the Champion Axe dream knife.

Epic Crafting The New Gilded Hatchet Exotic Roblox Assassin Youtube

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rawdownloadcloneembedprintreport This is still a WIP pastebin meant for Assassins a game on ROBLOX Each exotic has its own rarity and looks The rarity and looks determine the value of the exotic EX A skeleton king is one of the rarest knives in Assassins and looks somewhat nice Skeleton king is said to be the rarest knife in the game!.