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What Is The Most Popular Group On Roblox. The most popular genres are FPS Tycoon (The interactive ones thats not just touch button a example is My Restaurant!) Town adventure and obby There are simulators too but yeah its losing its shine If I were to rank them up i’d do this 1 Town ( Examples Bloxburg Pizza Place Adopt Me ) 2 FPS (Examples Arsenal Phantom Forces)Dec 23 2020Nov 30 2020Nov 09 2019May 03 2017.

Most Popular Roblox Groups 2014 2020 Youtube what is the most popular group on roblox
Most Popular Roblox Groups 2014 2020 Youtube from youtube.com

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Piggy No list of popular Roblox games can be complete without mentioning PiggyArsenal Arsenal is the most popular shooting game in Roblox by some margin No otherMurder Mystery 2 Murder Mystery 2 is another one of those oldschool Roblox games thatShindo Shindo is basically a Roblox Naruto RPG Shindo Naruto — they rhyme It’s an openRoyale High Royale High is basically a school simulator but in a world where going toWelcome To Bloxburg Bloxburg has been around since 2014 but it’s still incredibly popularMeep City The year 2021 is the year of the roleplaying game in Roblox Meep City is anotherBlox Fruits Blox Fruits is a surprisingly complex combat game that takes all the thingsBrookhaven RP Brookhaven RP is megapopular With 400000 players at the time of writingAdopt Me! Without a doubt the star of 2021 Adopt Me! has (at the time of writing) 200000.

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It has almost 200 million monthly active users and 67% of all users are children under 16 This statistic shows us that the game is most popular with children even though it is officially branded as a 13+ game Many children under the age of 13 play this game nonetheless thanks to nonexisting age checks.

Most Popular Roblox Groups 2014 2020 Youtube

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Fave explores the topic of which group on ROBLOX has the most members out of all of them This answer is not easily found and takes Fave a little bit of time.