Why Does Roblox Cap To 60 Fpsa

Why Does Roblox Cap To 60 Fpsa. Roblox is compatible with smartphones so you can use it on your iPhone These mobile devices typically provide a 60 FPS frame rate.

Roblox Fps Unlocker Complete Guide For 2021 why does roblox cap to 60 fpsa
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I do not have Vsync on in game and my fps stays at 60 I am running out of ideas to why my fps stays locked at 60 hopefully someone out there can help! CPUI56600 GpuEVGA GTX 1080 Ram16gb 2400mhz 750watt Corsair PS MBO MSI Z170 pcmate atx Gaming PCs 0 Notification Preferences Email Me Notify Me Email Me Notify Me Reply.

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Garnold (Garnold) August 4 2016 512pm #7 The idea with locking it at 60 fps is because not a lot of people would benefit from it Sure it might sound better to have a higher frame rate but these effects won’t be too noticeable unless you have a monitor that can support higher refresh ratesJul 28 2020Oct 10 2018Aug 14 2018Jul 18 2015.

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It could just be locking to 60 if your FPS is under 120 and if that’s the case forcing tripple buffering in the NVCP would fix it Doom has a simlar issue it’s ingame vsync was a bit weird Alternatively try forcing Fast Sync in the NVCP I’m fully assuming that you have an nvidia GPU Edit or do what Marsson said.

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The company also officially confirmed at the Roblox Developer Convention 2019 that it does not ban users for using any FPS unlocker tools meaning its completely safe to use them So let’s take a look at how you can get higher frames per second on Roblox and get a smooth gameplay experience.

Roblox Fps Unlocker Complete Guide For 2021

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Two years later but if you go to your nvidia app you can change the battery power mode off of the 30fps cap Same thing happened to me You can uncap it or change it to 60fps i know how to fix it open nvidia geforce then go to settings press gamesOct 29 2020.