Why Is Roblox So Slow On My Laptop

Why Is Roblox So Slow On My Laptop. Play Roblox IPad Keyboard • Why is Roblox running slow on my computer?Our mission is informing people properly With this video our main goal is t.

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My specs are i7 8700k MSI GTX 1060 GAMING X The latest drivers right now are 41634 But for my friend Roblox doesn’t take that long to start for him Other games seem to be fine so is it just Roblox? I have reinstalled Roblox and made sure all files were deleted before doing so restarted my PC and such but still no noticeable improvement.

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I Remember Playing This Game On My Slow Pc When I Joined In 2014 And This Thing Is Still Active Roblox i remember playing this game on my slow Wow Look Old Photo Of Roblox On My Windows Xp Pc By Greasejunky8 On Deviantart why is roblox so slow on my pc Roblox Game Card 50 Digital Download 7 Best Roblox Games For Kids In 2020 Codakid How.

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My Roblox person was fine for when i loved playing roblox But my computer has come really slow and dosen’t load proplerly So i go on roblox player to play on games Recently I have found my character walks really slow and lags alot It’s not one game its all of them I need help because I love roblox!!!!!.

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For me roblox runs bad on a good PC And my specs are Intel i3 and gtx 1050 ti I can play other games good Like just cause 3 Though for roblox it runs slow instead of fast which it used to be And i tried it on 3 roblox games but it ran very slow also my cpu usage was 100%.

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Why Is Roblox So Slow On My Computer

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Why Is Roblox So Slow On My Pc

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It is a virus probably a bitcoin miner or something Right after I got that thing (to test will the exploitlogs command on adonis work or not) My laptop goes so slow it even fried the GPU and made the laptop bluescreened So everytime I have to turn on my laptop I have to turn off my Intel GPU (good thing i didnt download it on my computer) 1 level 1.